Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Officially Official

I got my forms from UWCSA (United World College of Southern Africa) last night in an email, and am relieved that everything got through with no mix-ups, and I'm finally done emailing just the US Selection Committee. Not that I don't love them, and appreciate what they've given me, but it's nice to have contact with the school itself now.

As far as camp goes, I'm exhausted after getting up every few hours during the night to care for my camper, and never pausing during the day, but I love it nonetheless. It's strange to realize what my job actually is here - being totally responsible for every single aspect of another person's well-being. It doesn't matter if that summer enrichment program is at the fanciest university in the world - broken bed rails and adult diapers are teaching me more than any professor ever could.