(a series of limericks)

There once was a teen-aged girl
Who knew not-so-much of the world.
She wanted to go
And travel although
She knew not how to give it a whirl.

She wanted to study in France;
She knew French from her class of dance.
But to her dismay
Tuition did slay
What she had considered her chance.

Yet while France was pushed off the table
Intrigued her a region, less stable.
When a scholarship came
Her passion became
Bigger dreams which she put on the table.

Any kid can go for a while
In the comforts of France's grand style
But she wants to go
Where most others don't
It's only a couple more miles.

With two months of Jordanian sand
Life molded itself a new plan.
She wrote essays again
But it wasn't in vain
Soon "Swazi" became her new land.

People saw her travels and questionned
How she manages with the recession
They don't understand
With effort you can
Study abroad with no dollar concession.

I sit here and write this to you,
In hopes that someday you too
May one day decide
To go for a ride
Figure out how to see your dreams through.

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