Scholarships to Study Abroad During High School

Are you still in high school, wanting to study abroad? For many students, the big thing with studying abroad is simply PAYING for it. I thought it might be of use to post a list of scholarships for high schoolers. These are scholarships to various countries, for various durations. (If you can't miss school - consider applying for a scholarship to study abroad for the summer!). Most are full scholarships, but please read the websites carefully to see if you're eligible, and what exactly the scholarship covers.

These are all very well known programs with really good reputations - meaning, this isn't a sketchy list. These are well established trips run by the most well-known, well-established institutions. Many of them are funded by the United States State Department. With that in mind, I've only done NSLI-Y and UWC, and cannot personally attest to any of these other programs.

(Thanks to the help of the NSLI-Y Applicants Facebook group for this information and the compilation of this list)

(These are scholarships for US students. If you're not from the US, and are interested in studying in the US, check out This site has information for US students wanting to study abroad as well).

NSLI-Y: full scholarships to study critical languages or either a summer or a year, in various countries where the language is spoken.

YFU scholarship: includes various countries, mostly partial scholarships. Various application deadlines.

YES Abroad - full scholarships for a year abroad to countries with significant Muslim populations, through the State Department, similarly to NSLI-Y.

EF Global Citizen Scholarship (full scholarship minus spending money, different destination/project each year, couple weeks, 20 spots)

UWC - Full scholarship for tuition, room, and board at an international boarding school in one of 12 countries to earn your International Baccalaureate high school diploma. Apply as a sophomore or a junior, attend for junior-senior years or senior-super-senior years, requires you to attend both years. Application due early January.

CBYX - full scholarships for a year in Germany, through the State Department, similarly to NSLI-Y.

BP-AFS: full scholarships for a year in China, India, Malaysia, Brazil, or South Africa - rather specific criteria, please make sure you read the page thoroughly to see if you're eligible.

CIEE Korea - scholarship for two weeks near the end of the summer to go to Korea. Very nearly a full scholarship, but please make you sure you understand what is paid for and what it not before you apply.