Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I've been studying French for several years. Say, maybe eight? Nine? Yeah, that's about right. And while I don't know ALL the words, I consider myself fluent. (My definition of being fluent in a language is being confident that you could pick up any book, newspaper, whatever, or listen to any radio show, movie, conversation on the street, and understand it. Nobody ever knows ALL the words. Heck, I don't know ALL the words in English!). Anyways, I got a 5 on the AP French test, and was feeling pretty fly.

So, I signed up for higher level French at the UWC as one of my classes. Once I sent the paperwork in, I realized that, because I've taken all the French my high school has to offer already, I'm not currently in a French class, and realized what was happening... I WAS FORGETTING FRENCH!

This is a very, very scary realization for me, so I spent about an hour digging up my old textbooks and workbooks and French novels, and read over them for probably another hour, until I was convinced that I still knew French.

Definitely a reminder though... gonna have to keep up on this whole French thing more than I have been, or else when I get to Swaziland I'm going to have a not-so-lovely surprise.

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  1. I won't say that I told you so but .... "I told you so"... Alors c'est une bonne idée de vouloir continuer à garder tout ce que tu as appris pendant toutes ces années de travail acharné ou peut-être juste de travail... :D