Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swazi "Senior" Year

It's strange to be back at school as an IB2, which is essentially the equivalent of being a senior at high school in the States. First, it's strange because I've already done the whole senior thing, and the fact that I'm back at this point again is weird. Second of all, because suddenly there are a bunch of IB1s here, and that's just weird. They're running around complaining about the slow internet, and not complaining about the cafeteria food (which is obviously the wrong order of complaints - food is obviously more important than memes and Youtube).

But, other than the fact that half of the hostel is different people, things are pretty much the same here. It's summertime, so the sun is shining (sorry about that, Chicago), and I'm back into shorts and a t-shirt. I spent a whole day decorating my new room, which ended in a grand explosion when I tried to plug in my Christmas lights with an electrical converter and no adapter (or maybe the other way around, I'm not sure which is which). Regardless, electricity in America is 125V, and here it's 250V.

So yeah, a bit of an explosion.

Mostly, though, I'm just excited. I've really missed the mountains. Ahhh... Swaziland :)

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