Saturday, February 21, 2015


I would just like to throw at you guys a bit of a fun fact about life on a ship. At the moment, we are sailing through pirate-heavy waters, between Singapore and Burma. Therefore, the ship has a few preventative measures put in place.

1. There is a dummy tied to the back of the ship, as if it is standing there at the railing, watching. We call it our "scare-pirate."

2. There are two high pressure hoses, one on each side of the ship, tied to the railings, both ready to fire out lots of water at potential attackers, and there to remind potential attackers that we can fire lots of water at them.

I know that this is a very short post, but I just thought you might appreciate knowing that I am safe and sound from the pirates. We had our monthly lifeboat drill yesterday morning, and so we're all kind of wondering when the mandatory sword-fighting lessons are going to come. Because, I mean, the scare-pirate is great protection, but he can only do so much. :)

Burma, I'll see you in two days!

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