Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Muhammad says...

So two of us are sleeping outside tonight, and this is the list of reasons our ten year old host brother gave us not to do it.

The ant will come like the soldiers and go inside your ear

Two spiders will come in your mouth

The tiger will take your glasses

The bicycle will become another tiger, and be a female, and have a thousand babies and they will eat you.

Two cats will come and make death in your mouth

The ants will put electricity in your nose so you snore and the dogs will attack you because the noise will annoy you

The men from the street will come and take you

They will turn you into an apple

All of the turtles in the world will come and turd all over you.

A truck will come and dump soil on you

Superman will try to save you but the ants will scarehim away

The bats will come and sleep on you and you will be a thousand years

I am kind of scared. Bye!

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