Monday, July 18, 2011

Souk Sultan

So tonight we decided to take a walk to a nearby street that happens to have a lot of shops and goes by the name of Souk Sultan. So here's a description of it tonight.

First of all, sidewalks here are a joke. We walk in the street. The only problem with this is the every constant screeching of cars and hiking when they almost hit you, and in one case, did hit. He is fine though. So we walk in the street, but the streets here are really dirty. Is not like they're necessarily filled with trash, even though they are, as littering is a common practice, but the streets are just sticky, or something of that sort. Is hard to put a finger on exactly what is wrong with them. They're not sticky everywhere, usually just on more popular streets, especially by restaurants. Maybe it's oil or something.

Souk Sultan is a pretty much a bunch of shops and restaurants, and yet it was surprisingly hard to find somewhere to get a meal tonight. We ended up just buying some snack foods and a couple of vegetables and a watermelon. The watermelon was about eighty qirsh, which is about one USD. Yet another thing I love about Jordan. Fruits and vegetables are so cheap here. It's amazing.

So we walk home, get some stuff yelled at us through car windows as people drive by, but that's normal here. We get everything from welcome to Jordan to some pretty profane phrases. No big though, it's normal. Then we got followed by some little kid, and it sucks to have to yell at him to go away, but we can't give money to all the beggars. And when they follow you for such a long time, it's weird. Anyways.

But then we get home, make some food, eat the watermelon, and work on some projects about the places we went to on our big trip. I'm working on wadi rum, but we finished our project earlier, but the Aqaba and Petra groups are still working. And someone else needs this iPad, so I guess that's all. Bye!

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