Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UWC Interview Updates

So apparently my interview for UWC is going to be in Madison, Wisconsin on March 17th. *Anybody else?). I was kind of expecting it to be in Chicago, and while Madison is a bit further away, it's not as far as some people I've heard about. (Idaho to Nebraska, anyone?). And UWC is totally worth a couple hours in the car :)

The interview itself is going to be an all-day affair, aka YES!-I-GET-TO-TALK-ABOUT-INTERNATIONAL-THINGS-AND-BE-EXCITED-ABOUT-UWC-WITH-A-BUNCH-OF-OTHER-EXCITED-PEOPLE-FOR-AN-ENTIRE-DAY! The email said that it'd be a combination of informational presentations, individual interviews, and group activities. Should be fun!

So it's just under three weeks away... I'm kind of glad it's really close: I'm so excited already, so I don't think I could handle it if it were any further. Here's how the timeline is supposed to play out:

March 17th: Interview
April 16th: Last day to change preferences for campuses
April 30th: Last day to find out about acceptances
And then about a week after that to either accept or refuse the offer, if I get one. (Fingers crossed!)

It's all happening so fast! I really hope it all works out; I can't even describe how excited/nervous/amazed I am at everything right now!


  1. Hey there! Nice post, by the way I have also applied for the UWC. But, here in India, the interview process hasn't been started. They are going to tell in the coming few days about the interviews. Best of Luck for the interview!

  2. You too! I hope you get one - tell me when you find out!

  3. The interview's tomorrow? Good luck for it!

    Btw, I got selected for an interview on April 8th, here in India!

    And, nice blog you have here!

  4. Did you apply through the Indian National Committee? Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great :)