Monday, February 6, 2012

UWC Interviews

So, I got an email today from the UWC Admissions Office. I got really excited, but then opened it, and all it said was that they'd announce who got an interview via email, either on February 22 or 23. So while I don't really have any news yet, at least I have a date to be looking forward too, instead of just this strange open-ended waiting.

NSLI-Y, on the other hand, is beginning to feel like that strange open-ended waiting. I'm so excited for both of them, I can't even process it. The thought of going back to the Middle East for the summer, and then going to a UWC after that is SO FANTASTIC! No words, yo :)

I need to go study for math. But, focusing on math is not the easiest thing when I've got something like SWAZILAND on my mind.

Not-so-daily fun fact about Swaziland: This is the flag, and it's a rather cool looking flag, if I do say so myself. Now, I'm going to go look up what it means, and by that point I should be ready for some math homework :)

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