Sunday, August 26, 2012

To Do Before Leaving

I have roughly four months left in the States... I needed a to-do "one last time" list.
  1. Wrap up paperwork and such at the high school
  2. Get a veggie burger at Frank’s
  3. Pack, donate, or toss all my stuff
  4. Learn to sew properly
  5. Go on a road trip, including camping.
  6. Be able to name all the countries (with capitals) in Africa
  7. Go to the Veteran’s Day Ceremony one last time and say goodbye to my old teachers
  8. Figure out how to pack in a carry-on sized suitcase so my tuba can be my checked bag
  9. Work, and save money.
  10. Go skiing on a terrible, Midwestern “mountain” just for old time’s sake
  11. Write letters to everyone I know before I go out of range of the USPS
  12. Learn at least a little siSwati
  13. Register as an independent Girl Scout
  14. Go downtown and get falafel from the Oasis Cafe on Wabash
  15. Load up my iPod with enough music to last through the apocalypse
  16. Do something really awesome.

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