Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waterford Kamhlaba - Inter-House Athletics

First of all, on Sunday we went hiking, and so here is an obligatory "awesome-Swazi-rocks" picture of me and my wonderful IB1 from Ethiopia.

Anyways, yesterday was Waterford's annual inter-house athletics competition. The way that inter-house competitions work in these parts is that the entire student body is randomly grouped into three houses. Here, the houses are Henderson, Guedes, and Stern, named after the founders of the school (in very proper South African boarding school style).

So, I'm in Henderson, which is the best house, and also happened to be the winning house of the day, with six hundred and something points. My small contribution to that was my winning six points in running the 3000m race! Now, I am wonderfully sunburned (again, whoops), and quite honestly not looking forward to going back to classes tomorrow.

Here are some of the highlights photos from those that I took yesterday:

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