Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm Leeeeeaving, On a Jet Plane!

First things first - I have to pinch myself every five minutes to remind myself that I am indeed actually going on a trip around the world, and that it has finally started (almost).

I have one thing to say about the airport - PEOPLE, GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONES! I spent two hours in O'Hare last night, a massive international airport full of people, and it was literally near-silent. Everyone was plugged in, hooked up, or in some other way attached to an electronic device, ignoring the world around them. I used to think that airports were entertaining because of the people-watching they provided, but last night, the people weren't doing anything worth watching. I beg of you, fellow travelers, you are going to make my life much more interesting if you get off your phones and do something.

Other than that, the flight was great! Chicago to San Diego is about four hours, which felt like nothing after the fact that my last five flights have been over fifteen hours each. I'm a bit spoiled though - there was an awful moment when I realized that domestic flights meant no food and no personal movie thing.... oh darn.

So, we're staying with some family here in California for a few days before getting on the boat next week. I was a bit "ehhhh" about coming here so early, but apparently a massive snowstorm is now hitting Chicago, with flights getting cancelled and such, so HA! TAKE THAT, WORLD! I WIN!

And so it goes! I'm looking out the window at a mountain range, so life is good! Although I've been told that we're not going to go climbing, sadly... it's okay, we're heading to Joshua Tree National Park before we've left here :) Other than that, we're just chilling, and heading down to Mexico to catch the boat on Wednesday!

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