Monday, January 16, 2012

Do you want to see the inside of my brain? Read on.

Today is January 16th.
My NSLI-Y interview is January 21st.

It's all happening so fast again, like a deja vu on fast forward. I want to be a finalist so badly, I miss the Middle East so much. I miss speaking Arabic, drinking shai, insha'allah-ing and al7amd'allah-ing people and having them understand.

Also, the head of applications for the UWCs said we'd hear something at least by January 23rd, whatever "something" means, whether that be "thanks for applying we're still working on it" or "here's interview days." But I'm excited to hear back from them as well.

And, side note, I sat down in my basement and did SO MANY Arabic dictations from the DVD that went with my textbook. I feel accomplished, and happy, mainly because my Arabic is not nearly as bad as I thought it was. Definitely a reminder that I need to be working on it more often to keep it up though :) No problem though, telling me that I need to study Arabic more is like telling me I need to win free happiness more.

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