Monday, May 7, 2012

End of the Year

This is a strange combination of everything... AP tests have started, so I'm on my last round of AP tests, but not my last semester of AP classes, as I'm signed up for AP classes for first semester this fall, but will be in Swaziland for the tests. Colleges keep sending me emails about applying early in the fall, and I just keep hitting delete, while at the same time my classmates are starting to think more and more about it. I have a terrible case of senioritis, but then realized that I'm not even going to graduate from high school for another couple years. It's like there's this growing canyon between what I'm excited for next year and what everyone else is excited for next year. I'm going to Africa; they're going to Prom. I'm getting a plane ticket; they're getting a senior parking pass to park on campus. I'm gearing up for two more years; they're ready to be done already. It's not that my way is better, or theirs is better, it's just that they're increasingly different.

I'm definitely really excited though. I haven't really gotten very much information at all from the UWC - we're assuming that they're working on the people who leave in August (aka everyone else), and then I'll be getting more info once that's straightened out. It's weird to think that I might be the only one from the US starting in Swaziland in January. There are two US kids who are going to be my "second years," but I haven't heard from anyone else who will be a "first year" with me. Should be a grand adventure either way!

Speaking of grand adventures, I leave for my grand adventure to Iowa in just about a month. I'll be there for... ten weeks? Eleven weeks? Something like that - I'm working at a special needs camp all summer there, and I'm really looking forward to that as well! (So many things to look forward to!) It's also really strange how leaving for eight weeks last summer seemed like an eternity - an amazing eternity, but still an eternity - and now it doesn't even seem like that long to leave for eleven weeks. I guess with two years in Swaziland coming up, measuring things in weeks just makes it sound short.

Gotta go study for AP tests! Good luck to everyone with theirs, and good luck to the IB students with those tests! I barely even know what IB is like, but I suppose I'll be feeling your pain with those tests soon enough!

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