Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Official Rejection and Facebook Pictures

I'm proud to say that I received my official rejection email from NSLI-Y; after several weeks of being an "alternate," it's all over. Sob, sob, sob.

Oh wait, you mean I already have other summer plans figured out, and I'm leaving for Swaziland soon afterwards? Right, right.

But in all actuality, I'm really just happy now for the people who get to go this year, so here's to hoping they learn as much about the Middle East and themselves as I did last year.

The funny thing was, I see that, and then I get on Facebook, and the first thing on my newsfeed is a picture of the program director for NSLI-Y Jordan, in Jordan, hanging out with my host family on their planning trip. AHHH I MISS THEM SO MUCH! It was a whole bundle full of "Wait, our director is in Jordan? Oh right, planning trip. Hey, I know that couch... I KNOW THOSE PEOPLE! THEY'RE MY FAVORITES!!!"

Anyways, just a week and a half left of school, and I leave to cross the treacherous Iowa border on June 9th!


  1. I just got notified that I am an alternate for China year. Super bummed out. But I'm glad everything turned out great for you!