Saturday, September 22, 2012

College Plans and Internet Memes

I keep on getting asked about my college plans. Logical, seeing as how I'm a senior in high school, and should be applying to college and all that fun stuff.

Except I'm moving to Africa. And that tends to confuse people.

Anyways, UWC students have started a rather wonderful Facebook page called "UWC Memes," which put almost every UWC dilemma into a quick, easy, oftentimes grammatically incorrect, internet-friendly meme. Here are two that pretty much sum up my current predicament:

I'm getting really antsy, especially as I keep seeing photos from my friends from the interviews, several of whom also were accepted and are first years at the various campuses. Swaziland is the only campus that doesn't start on the northern hemisphere school schedule, which means I'm one of two US students still waiting to start. Can we go already? :)

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