Monday, September 3, 2012

Packing - Early, I know...

First of all, I know I don't leave for another four months. But I'm still starting to pack and move out now. To be honest, it might take four months.


First thing - I highly suggest just giving your stuff away, if you've never done it. I don't mean a small box, I mean garbage bags upon garbage bags full of clothes, toys, books, and everything. Just give it away. It feels so good.

Second thing - At least this sort of packing, it's pack, donate, or trash. There is no "keep for when I get back" pile, which makes packing harder. Although not that hard - refer back to item one :)

Third thing - Still can't wait four months... I'm so restless!

Oh well, I told myself I couldn't pack anymore until my homework is done... so, I should go do that.

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