Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Day.

I was late to my first day of high school. I missed the bus, and had to get a ride to school. After arriving ten minutes past the bell, I frantically found my way... into a senior government class. By the time I finally made it into my freshman world history class, the bell was half an hour gone.

I've never been late to a class again.

While I have to admit that I'm not a really big fan of spending eight hours of day being herded around by a bell system like a flock of two thousand studious sheep, and while it'd be crazy to say that I enjoy sitting in desks too short for my legs in white cinderblock rooms all day, I concede that high school wasn't that bad. I've been in the marching band all four years, so I've never missed a home football game. I've had my fair share of sleepovers, parties, movies, and the like with some amazing friends. I've had the opportunity to take all the AP classes I wanted, with some really cool teachers. I've performed with the best bands and orchestras in the state of Illinois. I've spoken about current events and world politics at high schools around the area.

Sometimes I think that the best things that I do are outside of high school - working at special needs camps, studying abroad in Jordan, and so on. But then, I realize that these things wouldn't even be an option for me if it hadn't been for the time I've spent in these lovely brick walls.

There are a lot of days when I've been at this school from six in the morning, to ten or eleven at night. Doing that for hundreds upon hundreds of days, and I realize that I've spent kind of a lot of time here. Enough time that they're willing to give me this piece of paper saying I did a good enough job to leave. A diploma, I think it's called...

Anyways, today's the last day. I didn't think I'd be sad, and I don't think I'm sad about leaving high school itself. Correction - I'm not at all sad about being done with high school. But as I'm going through the day, having to say good-bye to some pretty awesome people has been hard. It's bittersweet. Really, really bittersweet.

Well, it's third period now, so five periods left and I'll be a high school graduate! Oh, and exactly three weeks until my plane leaves! I can't wait :) Swaziland - here I come!

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