Saturday, February 2, 2013

50th Anniversary of Waterford Kamhlaba

Tomorrow is the (official) 50th anniversary of Waterford Kamhlaba, but we had our celebrations this morning - quite the flurry of excitement.
First of all, the library was named after Tony Hatton, who was a teacher here for the first fifteen years of the school's existence. He was quite old, but it was pretty cool to see him back here.
Then, we had Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, President of Botswana, or just Ian Khama, Waterford Kamhlaba graduate. Either way, he came and spoke. The cool thing about it was that the event was more about the dedication of the library, so his speech was nearly entirely about being a student of Hatton, Hatton's book, and his time as a student at Waterford. He even brought his old Waterford uniform and tried it on onstage during his speech. The whole thing was just really interesting to see the president of Botswana on such a human level, speaking as just a student, instead of as a head of state.
^Side note: I was volunteering as a greeter that morning, and said hello to the president as he walked into school. He said hello back. I'm counting that as a conversation with a head of state.
At that point, the assembly was over, and we just ran around taking pictures because we were all dolled up in National Costume to greet all the VIPs that morning. This picture got out of hand rather quickly - it started with just four or five of us posing, and people kept jumping in :)
So, uh, you know, just an average day at Waterford Kamhlaba!

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