Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waterford Swimming Gala

Today was the annual Waterford "swimming gala," which meant that the entire school crowded around the pool to watch a few of us racing. And when I mean the entire school...
I mean the entire school. We're all divided into three houses, Henderson, Stern, and Guedes, named after people early in the school's history. We have these inter-house competitions in a variety of areas, from theater to swimming to chess and so on, and it's kind of like Harry Potter where you can earn points for your house, and at the end of the year a house is declared a winner.
Anyways, so I swam in two of the races. Many of the people swimming have swum really competitively, on national teams and all that. SURPRISE! I haven't. I'm a lifeguard and everything, and can swim, but not fast. And... I can't dive. In lifeguarding, we practice all these ways to get into the water while not letting your head go under water, and so diving isn't really a priority. I was still racing though, and had to start somehow, so while all these other amazing swimmers were getting into the water like this...

I was entering the water like this, because I'm such a classy person, obviously :)

I am proud to say though, that I didn't come in sixth place in any of the races that I was in, and I think that Henderson wound up winning the entire thing! (GO HENDERSON! :D).

Edit, March 9, 2013: Guedes won. Whoops.

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