Saturday, February 2, 2013

siSwati Lesson Three

Please start from the beginning. This is lesson three – if you are reading this and have no idea what is going on, please refer to lesson one, and the crazy woman there will sort you out.

For those of you already on the train, here we go: today was… LOTS OF RANDOM-SEEMING VOCAB. I've tried to break it into somewhat logical groups, but the vocab is still random, so just go with it :)

eNingizuma Afrika – South Africa

Uhlaphi? - Where do you live?
Ngihlala… - I live…
Ekhaya – Home
Batali – Parents
Bahlala – They live…

Angiva. – I don’t understand.
Awuphindze. – Please repeat that.

Utsandza kudlani? – What do you like to eat?
Tibhidvo – Vegetables
Sinkhwa – Bread
Inhlanti – Fish
Inyama – Meat
Inkhuknu – Chicken
Emacandza – Eggs

Uyadlala yini ibhola? – Do you play ball (usually referring to soccer)

Sibongo sakho sakabani? – What is your last name? (“The surname of you is of the place of who?”)
Sibongo sami sakho… OR Ngiwaka… - My name last is…

Yebo – Yes
Cha – No (remember, it’s a click. CH isn’t the same as in English)
Angeke - Never 

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