Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quite the Morning

Yesterday, it was Sunday, and so apparently breakfast was delayed until nine o'clock to allow for an hour of sleeping in. I didn't realize that, and so I was awake at the lovely hour of five thirty, as I've been every day that I'm here. Don't ask why - there's no reason.

As a Davis Scholar at a UWC, I have to write a letter to Shelby Davis addressing my goals and progress as they relate to the UWC mission. So, I did.

Then, I went to the classroom block for a yoga class, and that stuff is HARD! But actually, I think I started to sweat at points.

Afterwards, I had a charming breakfast in the dining hall, and then went back to hostel to meet up with some people to climb up the two mountains here, Tom and Kelly. We literally hiked up two mountains, plus the letter-essay, plus the yoga, all before lunch.

When I got to lunch, I laughed so hard when I sat down across from one of my friends, and she goes "Agh, I just woke up - I'm so tired!"

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