Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday Cake

So my host sister just turned five, and for her birthday we made a cake, and they were trying to explain what we were going to make, and the sister said fruitcake, which really confused me because what I think of as fruitcake is disgusting, and only old ladies eat it. I tried to ask if they decorate birthday cakes here, but they got really confused and didn't understand anything I was saying. Turns out the birthd\ay cake we made here was actually a pineapple upsiude down cake, which made me really excited because Oma hasn't made one of those in such a long time, and the fact that we made one here is just funny.

The strange part about it was that they had to go buy these little packets of baking powder down the street before we could bake. Baking is literally such a rare thing that they don't even stock baking powder in the  houses, which was just strange to notice. Anyways, that's all about the birthday Happy Birthday Muna.

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