Saturday, June 25, 2011


So I want to tell you about Neda. She lives Next Door, and is super awesome. Last night, she gave me a bowl of berries from the tree in her yard. Breaking all the health and safety rules, I ate them. It was delicious, and totally worth whatever risk there was.

So today, I got over to her house to go see the other exchange student who lives there, and we wanted to talk to her host brother, who is super shy. His typical response to me coming over, or to anybody at all, is to run into his room and barricade the door shut. He's in his twenties.

So anyways, the first thing that Neda does when he goes into his room is run to the door and tell us to go outside to the window, which is a really awesome thing for a lady her age to say. She is super awesome.

Okay, moving on to what else I did this morning. I got up, and kind of wandered upstairs to see what was up, as my host family was still sleeping. Average wake up time here is around noon, and my getting up at ei is considered extremely early. So I wander upstairs to the next family November us, and they are awake, getting ready to go out to their farm in a town a few mountains over near a small town called Salt. So I ended up getting into a car, going out to this farm to help build a house. Just kind of on a whim but it turned out fantastic.

First of all, it is gorgeous. There are mountains everywhere, and they are huge and gorgeous. secondly, it is so close to the green line and the west bank. My ten year old host cousin was in the car with me, and he just kind if pointed out the window and pointed across the valley and told me that it was the green line and the other side was the West Bank. It is strange to see that place that has been on the news so much in the states as a far away place, and just kind of point out the window at it.

So we get to the farm, and the difference between farms in Illinois and farms here is that here, farms are olive and nectarine trees on the side of a hill. I can not describe it, I can post pictures when I get home. But I still do not think that will do it justice.

So later, we went downtown, and here is the only thing that is weird about Amman. I know that many Internet websites say that it is common to see girls without hijab, but I do not know what city they are in. If I see someone without a hijab it is very strange. So when we go downtown, we get stared at, and honked at, and yelled at. the typical yell is WELCOME TO JORDAN is their accent, which is almost Italian. We get kind of harassed a lot, but just yells, nothing physical. So whatever, downtown was fun.

Well, I have to go. I love it here, so so so so much. bye!

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