Thursday, June 30, 2011


So there's  bunch of things that I've noticed here that are considered normal,. and my family cn't seem to understand why I think it's strange, but they're kind of cool. So here you go.

The irony of seeing a Dodge Caravan with a license plate from Iraq kind of threw me off for a moment.

Being at one of the relatives houses and having them joke that with the new car one of the husbands had just bought he might be able to fit into Abdoun, which is  region of Amman that's really upper class, and where one of the other host students in our group's family lives, and just noticing the very strict distinction of classes here.

The failure of my attempt to eat my vegetables first so I could just eat my rice plain. Word of advice, if you don't want something, eat it last so nobody feels the need to refill your plate despite repeated "la shukran"s,, or no thank you's. Seriously

The fact that if you're sick, the over the counter drugs here are actually prescription antibiotics. That they just kind of hand to you. No, Mom, I'm not sick.

The annoyances of the fact that the paper here is about two inches taller than the paper in America so it doesn't fit into any of the folders I brought from home. But the new one I got here is pretty awesome, but not even recognizable as what we would call a folder at home.

The fact that coming home from school to falafel balls is awesome.

The fact that they have something like a mulberry tree in the neighbor's yard, and So I'm down for berries whenever here. Honestly, they taste better than mulberries, but they stain your hands worse. Also awesome is the fact that n3na, or mint, just kind of grows everywhere. And olive trees. There are literally olive trees growing out of the cracks in the sidewalks.

Feeling really urduneea, or Jordanian, when I felt annoyed that we got rice instead of pita at a Yemeni restaurant we went to. I don't know what I'm going to do at home without pita.

Ice cream cones from street vendors here are served with  little cone stuck to the side to use as a spoon. And if you don't want to use it, the typical method of eating ice cream to bite, not lick. Just saying

I love it here. It's awesome. .

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