Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meeting my host family

I'm very confused by this keyboard, it's just Arabic letters, so pardon any typos. It's not a normal keyboard.

We got to Amman yesterday morning around 3 am, and watched the sun come up as we drove into the city from the airport.  You know how there's that image of the Middle East as really dusty and sandy, and all the buildings are that off-tan color? It's totally like that, and every building is that color. There was lots of stuff to see, everything from entire pigs hanging up to dry out the meat to soliders with massive automatic guns just standing around. There's actually a lot of soldiers like that with the really big guns, just around on the streets. It's a bit strange to see, but not really scary. I asked my host family about it, as best I could in Arabic, and they just kind of brushed it off

I have three sisters and a brother, and only one of them speaks English, and even her only barely. The parents don't, but that's good, because I want to learn Arabic. Thje school is very nice, except that I was this keyboard had Eng;lish letters. It's strange.

The food is very good, my host mom is an amazing cook. They made french fries last night, trying to be American, but then a lot of other arabic food as well. For breakfast, I was trying tp cook an egg, and asked for some cooking opil, but they filled the pan with about two inches o\f oil. Apparently here, eggs are deep fried when they're cooked.

Anyways, it's fantastic, but I should probably get back now. We have oriention that I need to get back to.

Ma salaamaa!

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