Thursday, June 30, 2011

Israel and Palestine

So this whole Israel Palestine thing is something people just don't discuss here, because the views are extremely pro-Arab and you don't want to accidentally bring it up with the wrong person and have it turn into  massive fight or anything. But there's one thing that was interesting about it that I want to share.

I was looking at my 13 year old host sister's textbooks, and flipping through her geography book. She was pointing out the countries names in Arabic, as they weren't labelled in English. When we got to the Middle East, she pointed out what in America, or fi Amreeka as they say here, is known as Israel. She had never heard the name Israel before, or had any idea of an equivalent. They call it "feelesteen" and just have Palestine. Which is just strange that different parts of the world are so stubborn in their acknowledgements of the world that people don't even know about the other side's perceptions.

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